Friday, March 25, 2011


We're social beings, I was saying just the other day, and to continue to thrive, we need to stay connected. If your family isn't around, if you friends aren't around, your first job to stay vibrant and in good spirits, which will improve your health, is to stay connected.

So, how do you manage to do that with the resources you have?

Take an inventory of who you know and how often you meet and shoot the breeze. Yes, shoot the breeze, talk about the weather, old times, what you watched on t.v., what you bought at the store, what you'll have for lunch, whose funeral you heard about......No aiming at anything in particular, just be around someone else other than your constant companion(s).

People who have a good social life live healthier and longer. 
It might be that you have to join a group. Check your church, your city's clubs, your YMCA, your old school alumni association.

And if you still can't get into a routinely rich social environment, ask your neighbor if you could tag along when he goes to Rotary, or the Garden Club.  Still not sure?  Start taking a class in something you always wanted to learn.

I joined the Garden Club, the political party of my choice, the Writers' Group, a reading group, the Smart Program.  Then, as I became more comfortable, I ran for the office of trustee of the local school board, presently serving in my second term.

If your family and old friends keep you hopping, then you are fine, and need to do nothing.

The rest of us, though, could all use a bit of a hand in this area.
How about you?  How do you stay connected?


  1. I think that even if your family and old friends do keep you hopping, it is always a good thing to meet new people. Keeps the creative juices going. It is hard to meet new people when you are older so you do really have to make an effort. I take jewelry making classes and always make at least one new friend that way.

  2. Wow, you are so more connected and social than me, I'm jealous Rosaria - I haven't managed to come out of my shell yet from recent events :(

  3. Roberta--Yes, new people keep you new.
    Normal--When I was working, it was hard to take time to cultivate friends.

  4. I make connections when I blog, go to a regular exercise class, go to a gym, chat with a neighbor, stand in a grocery line, travel with a group, volunteer for Habitat for Humanity. I can talk to a stump. Nothing profound, mind you, but an opportunity.

  5. I agree with your comments! It is easy to stay home with books, knitting, gardening, computer and sometimes you need to make yourself venture out. For me it is Learning-in-Retirement classes and participation in my knitting guild, and volunteering at the library...and of course, family.