Friday, March 25, 2011


We're social beings, I was saying just the other day, and to continue to thrive, we need to stay connected. If your family isn't around, if you friends aren't around, your first job to stay vibrant and in good spirits, which will improve your health, is to stay connected.

So, how do you manage to do that with the resources you have?

Take an inventory of who you know and how often you meet and shoot the breeze. Yes, shoot the breeze, talk about the weather, old times, what you watched on t.v., what you bought at the store, what you'll have for lunch, whose funeral you heard about......No aiming at anything in particular, just be around someone else other than your constant companion(s).

People who have a good social life live healthier and longer. 
It might be that you have to join a group. Check your church, your city's clubs, your YMCA, your old school alumni association.

And if you still can't get into a routinely rich social environment, ask your neighbor if you could tag along when he goes to Rotary, or the Garden Club.  Still not sure?  Start taking a class in something you always wanted to learn.

I joined the Garden Club, the political party of my choice, the Writers' Group, a reading group, the Smart Program.  Then, as I became more comfortable, I ran for the office of trustee of the local school board, presently serving in my second term.

If your family and old friends keep you hopping, then you are fine, and need to do nothing.

The rest of us, though, could all use a bit of a hand in this area.
How about you?  How do you stay connected?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Banish all Diets.

Eating is a social activity. Dieting is not!

Remember when you were little and the family gathered for a picnic?
You played with your siblings and your cousins chasing each other, and daring each other.
You listened to a community orchestra.
You ate predictable  foods that your family enjoyed, an al fresco menu you came to look forward to.  You expected certain foods at certain events: hot dogs at the Fourth of July, fried chicken at the birthday bash.

Food is the anchor of family gatherings.
You don't show up at one of these events and declare yourself on a diet. 
You are expected to be your old self, full of fun and mischief and enjoying everybody's contribution.

So, how do you show up at these events when you are consciously trying to eat better?

You bring updated recipes that use real food, no preservatives, fresh and delicious ingredients.
Your fried chicken becomes lemon-marinated chicken grilled to perfection.
Your potato salad is dressed with lots of diced green onions,olives  and olive oil instead of mayonnaise.

And your dessert? Fresh fruit and home made ice-cream the kids helped you assemble.

And your diet?  You tell everyone that you fill up on greens, eat a moderate diet of carbs and protein, and your ice cream is just for family picnics.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

At the end of the day...

I hardly ever thought of growing old when I was young.
We only miss things when they are gone.
Holding our image to the ideal self of youth is unwise.
But, living well, at any age is doable.

And that's the focus of this blog, more so than my old blog. 
This blog is about focusing on living well today.

So, take an inventory of what's great in your life Now.
Go on, list five things.
I'll start:

1. I look great in this picture, a casual day, a respite during the Southern Cal holiday. Same pic on Facebook.)

2. I feel great. Nothing hurts.

3. All my systems are go.

4. I have a wonderful meal planned for today, St. Patrick's and Italy's 150 years Celebration.  If you are curious, visit me at my cooking blog,

5. I feel loved and cared for.

And lastly, I feel appreciative of your visits, your sharing with me. So, how about you?

Thursday, March 10, 2011

How do I begin...

Like any thing we do daily, including making this minestrone, we are most familiar with how it should look.

If it looks unusual,
If it smells unusual,
If it tastes unusual,
If something doesn't sit right,

Then, talk to somebody and get an explanation. This minestrone just needs more cooking time, by the way!

 Yes, most of our health issues start way in our forties and fifties. We just ignore them. We think that the anomaly will just go away.

Write that anomaly down and get yourself to the doctor.  Let him/her tell you that it is nothing.

But I have no time!
I have no money!
I have more important things to do!

Get going to the doctor. Nothing is more important than your health.

(p.s. I will return to post once a week or so. You can visit me more often at my other blogs which I recovered. Yeahhhh! My main blog is

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What life is all about.

Life  is about surviving challenges.
First challenge:
Deal with a blog that has been hijacked!
Yes, my previous blog, sixtyfivewhatnow has been hijacked and I'm heart-broken.

Someone stole my house and locked me out!

Well, it's a challenge; not the end of the world.