Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What life is all about.

Life  is about surviving challenges.
First challenge:
Deal with a blog that has been hijacked!
Yes, my previous blog, sixtyfivewhatnow has been hijacked and I'm heart-broken.

Someone stole my house and locked me out!

Well, it's a challenge; not the end of the world.


  1. ohmygosh, rosaria!! What happened? I saw your comment just now on my blog. I've never had this happen, though I once got a glitch because of something I was doing--trying to help a fellow blogger. what about the other blog where you were posting your writings???

  2. Your identity stolen; locked out of your house!
    A crime happening far too often, in the blogsphere, and elsewhere.
    But we know who you are, and we will reclaim you, one friend at a time (if need be).

  3. p.s. i think there's a way to backup a blog so if something happen all wouldn't be lost. got to check this out...

  4. So sorry to hear Rosaria. . . I have all my entries also saved in word but i know it wouldn't be the same if i had to re-post them.

    I'm assuming that last entry wasnt yours - it didn't seem like your style, but i said, what the hell, i'm a newbie - maybe she's in a different sort of mood. . .

  5. Oh my goodness. What do you mean by this Rosaria,hijacked? Did you lose your blogposts or is someone using your blog? This is scary.
    I would be devasted if I lost mypostings and blog
    But don't you worry...I'd follow you anywhere
    What about the other writing blog? gone?
    Oh I hope you svaed your first chapter
    love to you sweet woman, and blessings

  6. We all follow you to the ends of the earth my dear. Where you go, we go.

  7. I dont understand what happened to your Blog..but u can backup these things. There is a option .. settings->export-> download the xml of the blog ,
    and save/ then you can import it easily whenever you need. (even with the comments)
    - muthu

  8. I'm back! I have recovered my old stuff, almost intact, and have put more firewalls in place. Thanks for your visit here. I'm keeping this as a more physical/mental accounting of old age; you are welcome to stop by, but my other blog is my main residence.

  9. What? I was wondering - I came to say thank you for the wonderful note about Sweetie and I thought I was in the wrong place, but then, I saw I wasn't --

    Oh dear - how did this happen?

  10. Oh what a mess. I entered my sympathy comment and then did not hang around for the word verify and so off it went. I hope you will share what happened in some detail once you know...that is a fear I have too. Once on our RV travels our credit card # was swiped; we believe it happened at Best Buy when my husband went there before or trip to purchase and set up a d link wi-fi, a few years back. Now we can get broadband. All turned out well but the odder thing was the kid at Best who installed the wi-fi was no longer working there when we returned Suspicious . He had to be one of the world's dumbest crooks anyway because he tried ordering computers, etc using our credit card & gave our address as ship to. It is scary though and just as much in cyber world. I use Nortons' Symantec and though it tends to slow down things on the computer it is a good preventive. Best wishes,,and now which blog to use?

  11. This subject matter is one I'm really interested in, Rosaria, and look forward to what you have to reveal or discuss!

  12. Goodness! I had no idea anything like this could even happen ... sounds like you dealt with it in fine style!

    I have a question for you when you have a spare minute ... my granddaughter, daughter and I are beginning to make firm plans for our trip to Italy. This is a once in a lifetime thing and I want to put as much thought into it as possible. In your opinion ~ we have options for the timing of our trip. July, August, September. Daughter Beth and I will travel with Jennifer for two weeks ~ then she wants to spend a month or two on her own (that thought terrifies me.) Hostel living, etc. Which month would you recommend we do this? I'm thinking September as prices will be a little less, crowds won't be as plentiful, lines won't be as long. Would you agree with that? Are there places (aside from the usual Rome, Venice, Florence) you recommend we visit?

    I would be forever in your debt if you share some of that Italian Rosaria wisdom.

    Thanking you in advance ...
    (I can't find your email address...)

  13. I am so sorry that this happened to you. I worry about these type of things happening to me and others. I am such a novice, I guess I just jumped into blogging without thinking of those out there who might steal our thoughts and our sites.

    I enjoy reading your blog so much, and I really did think something was a bit off with your last post.

  14. Ok I see I posted here, but now are you going to keep the reclaimed 65 now what? Best to you in blogging on...