Friday, April 1, 2011

If my friends could see me now..

Since I dropped out of the rat race, life has slowed down to a pleasant pace. Somehow, Hubby and I know when we need to throw a party, reconnect with those we don't see often, when we need to join a work party to get things done, when we need to leave town and indulge in city sights.

The point is that now we go or stay, work or play at our own pace.  Whatever we like to do, we do.

When was the last time you said that?

We have an easy routine. I wake up around 7:00, prepare coffee and breakfast, and return to bed.  There, I drink my coffee while sitting up, enjoying the views, waiting for Hubby to wake.  From our bedroom door/windows we see the lake, the ocean, the dunes, the hills on the side.  Ducks and birds and deer roam, swim, fly by. Sometimes, they get really close and we can hear them as well. 

By 8:30, we are up, at our computers, each writing and researching independently.   Our meetings and committments are usually set for  afternoons, or evenings, so our mornings are mostly ours with a couple of exceptions. I attend a writers' group on Monday mornings, and Hubby takes a painting class on Thursday mornings.  Sometimes, medical and dental appointments can change this routine.

By noon, we are hungry and ready to change to some other thing. We eat,  take walks,  catch up with our neighbors also walking, and then get to some household chores.

My committments and Hubby's committments are usually on different days now that we are down to one car. We also try to do things together whenever possible.

When sunny days reappear, we'll be spending time in the gardens, mowing and weeding and planting. There is a lot to do, and we enjoy the physical exercise gardening provides.

What if we want to sit and read all day? It can happen.
What if we want to leave town and spend the day golfing or shopping? It does happen.
What if we have company? The visitors do change our routine just a bit, I must admit. But, we are happy to have changes at this age.  Change brings new stimulation and lots of new interpretations.

Having a pleasant routine, identified committments, interests and social outlets are all important to our quality of life.  Also, living in a town where old people are not isolated from other age groups helps all of us live fruitful and rewarding lives.


  1. i know where the title comes from i think, charity love chastity with shirley mcclain ??? I am envious of your lifestyle

  2. We do that, too. For our first few years, though, we're traveling a lot. This week we're in Santa Fe, NM. It's our 11th trip since I stopped working last June. I love the freedom to say yes.

  3. Loved your post! It's so true. The freedom to spend your time as you wish is the most wonderful thing about retirement.

  4. We pinch ourselves daily! We know what we gave up, and the choices are still working for us. When they stop working, we'll move on.

  5. I found your blog after a comment left by Roberta on mine this morning. You and hubby's day sound very pleasant,though I couldn't sleep in quite as late. The sun is up much too early here in the desert.

    My wife and I have pretty much the same division of time: separate chores and interests in the morning, shared chores and things in the afternoon.

    The one advantage you have we miss: being able to look out over water. That's hard to do in Phoenix.