Thursday, April 21, 2011

We're all on the same path.

No matter where you live, how big your house is, how much income you have, how old you are today, you and I are bobbing on the ocean of life in the same way, looking to land at  comfortable ports-of-call where the food is great, the accomodations are cheap, and the natives are friendly.

Everyone of us will reach old age, will acquire old-age spots, will become grey and feeble-minded.
The difference between those of us who have a wonderful retirement or a lousy end of life situation will be luck and preparation.

We have no control over luck.
We do have some control over preparations.

The  preparations for this journey are the same as for other journey:
1. Find out what will be expected.
2. Purchase the necessary tools and safety items.
3. Prepare yourself physically and mentally for the new circumstances.

If you have never talked to old people, never visited them, never cared for them, you have a long way to go to understand what's required of you.
I began reading the AARP Mmagazine a few years  before I retired. While the writers did their best to acquaint me with the situations I'd encounter, I had nothing in my past to truly attach the information to.  I had no context.

So, my advice today is to begin to venture out and visit a senior center in your neighborhood and then come back and read my next posts.  They will make more sense to you; they will inspire you to continue learning about this last journey of yours.

(to be continued...)


  1. For your information:
    I blog at about similar topics.
    This blog is an extension of my interests in all things about old age.

  2. It's an interesting journey we all share! So true that the experience of the journey has little to do with the externals and everything to do with our perceptions and expectations.

    I'm so happy to read your post -- and also write on similar topics at:

    Sharing our thoughts about this stage of life makes it so interesting and affirming!

  3. Yes, we are on the same path dear Rosaria. And, luck and preparation, it is very well said and thought.

    Now I am leaving for Canada. But I'll follow this other blog of yours as well. A very good beginning Rosaria.

    Sei stata fonte di ispirazione e forza.

    Giovanni Manius

    Man of Roma