Sunday, July 10, 2011

Every day is a holiday.

Hubby and I celebrating our 45th! Where did the time go?
Only our children have grown in our eyes, reminding us we too have grown.
Two of them, and their loved ones are here at Redfish breaking bread with us.
Life is good!

(From left-I, my son Brian, Jeanette, his fiance, my daughter Pia and her husband Jason, and my Hubby.)


  1. Happy 45th anniversary to both of you! So glad life is so good for you and that you could celebrate as a family.

  2. Memories to keep, Rosaria. God bless you.

  3. Rosaria, you look so beautiful with all those silver colors!
    Nice picture, good memories...

  4. Old? You're young until you hit 80. Then you're venerable.

  5. Note: Brian died a couple of weeks after this event, from an assault. We are mourning.

  6. Congratulations - that is an amazing achievement!

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